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F+F tutu petti review! :D

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Apr. 7th, 2010 | 02:25 pm

ok, so i ordered the fan plus friend, tutu petti. i ordered a black custom waist size.
it came nicely packed

inside was the petti, it fluffed out into a giant king size bed eating thing, that was really difficult to photograph >_<

it gives a really good amont of poof! and i want to love it...but i cant. it's really heavy! so heavy i cant go clubbing in it :( if you are smaller then me, i dont think you would have that problem, 33 inches of all that petti stuff is going to be heavy!
it also makes things really short. so im thinking i will either keep it untill i lose weight and wear it lower, or sell it.
probley just keep hold of it, as it would be really expensive to send.

i would recomend it for massive poof, and for meets! just not for clubbing or everyday wear.
next time im going to try F+F low waist petti.
heres some pics of it worn, i apologise for lack of loli-ness, i took these quickly before i got ready to go somewhere else :3

i do apologise for arse shot! but i wanted to show just how short it makes my dresses! :-/

heres some stock pics of the petti

petti poof - 5/5
comfort - 4/5
overall a good petti for massive poof :)
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